Tequila Zombies 3 is an Old School Platform Shooter Game

Tequila Zombies 3

Join Miguel, Jacqueline, and Jeff as they literally tear their way across hordes of zombies across badlands, a wild-west town, and a secret military compound –all to find a special, magic chest. It is a bit of a wild ride, but straightforward action fans will be pleased with the gameplay approach, you move, you attack, that is all there is to it. This simplistically designed game is pretty tongue in cheek about its self-loathing humor and it actually works. The characters either ooze with machismo or are spouting lines that would not be out of place in an 80’s B-movie, this is grindhouse action delivered in flash sprites, and it actually works.

What is Tequila Zombie 3?

Tequila Zombie 3 is an action platformer flash game that allows players to choose between one of three main characters. In this game, the main goal is to get to the end of the stage safely –to do that, players will have to defeat all the zombies in their wall as well as several stage bosses. There are three main stages in the game divided into large chunks. Each big chunk culminates with a boss fight.

In this game, Miguel and Jacqueline end up inadvertedly rescuing Jeff from a zombie attack. It turns out that Jeff is a leader of a biker and knows of a good place to get some good loot, this interests the two heroes and they all journey together. Their quest takes them through various locales and forces them to fight with a wide range of zombies and huge monsters.

Tequila Zombies 3

Gameplay Mechanics

This is a pretty standard platform shooter –you move about with the directional controls and the mouse is used to aim and attack. In the game, players can pick up various powerups that grant boosts to either your armor or your damage (multiplying damage for a short amount of time). Health packs, ammunition, and tequila bottles are also dropped by enemies. The tequila bottles are the most interesting of the items players can find. When enough tequilas are acquired, they can activate a special tequila time power. At half bar, the power can be used for some pretty useful combat-related bonuses. At full bar however, the ability becomes something completely different and can be used to instantly turn the tide of battle.

Aside from these, enemies also drop some cash. Every time a player dies, the money they earn can be used in order to buy new weapons or to upgrade the armor –this is a pretty well designed system as player get just enough credits to acquire reasonably powered guns –allowing them to keep up with the strength of enemies as the game progresses, but not to the point of getting too overpowering that the stages become too easy. It is a well balanced game that rewards the player for playing –which is how it should be.

Tequila Zombies 3

Challenging Yet Fun

While the game is pretty mindless in terms of plot and direction, the action is not. Combat is not to be taken lightly –despite the opening stages being relatively easy (in order for newer players to get the hang of things). The stages and battles during the second half of the game are significantly harder. This is due to the newer, stronger, and more plentiful numbers of enemies that will swarm you onscreen. Also, small creatures that move about pretty fast across the stage are just as dangerous as the big slow ones as they are able to deal attacks while avoiding damage.

Still Fun When Drunk

If there ever was a tequila-drinking challenge game, this one would be a good fit. The dialogue is ridiculously silly yet fun, the artwork is exactly the crude kind of imagery one would expect from a game with the title of Tequila Zombie 3. And of course, the gameplay is so basic and simple that it only takes common sense in order to play it. Mind you, the action does get a little busy, so it might not be the most therapeutic game to play if you want to relax, but it is a good choice when you just want to shoot stuff.