How Simple Gameplay Made The Last Stand 2 a Classic

The Last Stand 2 Review

The Last Stand 2 has been around since 2008 –a pretty long time that its later sequels, Union City and Dead Zone, are completely different games in terms of gameplay and mechanics. Still, if you have never played TLS2 and tried it out right now, you would still find something that is fun, addictive, and satisfying to play. In the many zombie, or even free browser-based games out there right now, few as well made and interesting as this. As one would expect from a sequel, TLS2 is much bigger and more complex than the first game, but retains many of the core elements of the series.

What is the Last Stand 2?

The Last Stand 2 is a browser zombie game that has you in control of a man named Jack. As Jack, players must make the way from the small town of Glendale all the way to Union City (where it is reported that there is a safe haven for all survivors or at the very least, a chance of escape from the zombies). In the player's journey they will encounter other survivors and Jack must lead them all to safety. It's considered by some casual players to be the defining game in the series of 4 games which can all be found out and

The Last Stand 2 Review

The game plays in two basic modes separated by the in-game time: daytime and nighttime. During daytime, players can task survivors with specific actions such as to scavenge, fix defenses, and other things. While there is a possible danger in some tasks (such as sending them outside of your current fortification). At night, the zombies will come and the players will manually control Jack as he and the other survivors try to shoot down all the attacking zombies. If the defenses are completely overrun and Jack dies, the game ends (survivors can die, though the game will proceed without them).

Just building a good fort is not enough however. As stated, the goal of the game is to make it to Union City, and this is done by choosing to travel from one location to another. Travelling will require having gathered enough resources in the current location before making the trip. Also, a new location will always be the most dangerous than the last so players will have to be prepared before moving. There is an in-game countdown of days that players must observe –if they fail to make it to Union City by that time, the game will end as well.

Making Decisions

Success in the nighttime combat missions relies heavily on the player's skill. You will have to move Jack up and down the side of the screen as you balance shooting and reloading in order to successfully kill the zombies before they can damage your defensive walls. Having survivor NPCs armed to help you out is very useful as the supporting fire they provide can save you plenty of time to shoot down the stronger and faster targets. While this is where most of the action of the game lies, the real depth is seen in the daytime.

The Last Stand 2 Review

You can only perform a limited number of tasks based on the amount of in-game hours you have. Having more survivors means you get more hours which means more tasks accomplished in the daytime. Being able to successfully maximize the amount of hours you get in the day in order to get travelling supplies, find new survivors, salvage weapons, and repair your base means being able to get to Union City as fast as you possibly can.

This mix of strategy and action means that the pace of the game is pretty fast – with the player alternating quickly daytime and nighttime modes and doing a full run of the game is possible in a single sitting. But there is also a good degree of replayability here: players learn a lot from a the first run and can try new games aiming to reach Union City in the fastest amount of time or by trying to explore all locations and managing to find all survivors possible in a single run. The fact that you get to choose your map route means there are plenty of ways to play the game. Also, the fact that game looks very good is big plus.

The Last Stand 2 Review

You Should Definitely Play It

Last Stand 2 is well polished. The roughness that is felt from the visuals is deliberately created effect that matches the mood and tone of the game. Jack has become quite the cold and calculated man after his experiences from the last game, and it shows in the nuanced writing in his diary. The animations are also top notch, while they all look crudely made, the zombies are pretty well animated –they even have unique death animations based on how they get shot (they will react very differently depending on whether you shoot them in the head or the legs). Even the survivors use weapons and reload in different ways. Best of all, the user interface is very easy to grasp and understand. Everything is laid out neatly and is made accessible for the player.

Overall, Last Stand 2 is an amazing game that has not only managed to stand the test of time, but it also gives other flash games a good standard to live up to.